Artist Statement of Joel Bowers - Rising Rims Digital Arts

I am motivated by broad perspectives (the view from 20,000 feet above), by contours, textures, simple suggestions of ideas that allow room for imagination. I also appreciate concise wording where the point does not get lost in the extended story.

Combining my interest and skill in technology with art and Internet communication, I create simple and mostly abstract images. Simple lines, shapes and contours are current themes of my abstract work. But this is a quickly growing body of work that will be exciting to see progress.

Digital art creation technology has progressed steadily and rapidly since the introduction of MacPaint and MacDraw in 1988. I use a variety of their much more powerful decendents to create and manipulate my images.

My process usually starts with a simple sketching application that I manipulate in a more powerful application to give it the finishing touches. At the moment, no Adobe products are used in the creation of these images. I use more limited, but easier to learn and use applications and am constantly exploring new applications or tool possibilities.